Make a positive change in your life

Often we travel through life wanting change and not knowing how to go about it. Sometimes we know consciously our circumstances could improve and have often done what we can to create that change however change doesn’t happen easily at the conscious level. Real long lasting change occurs at the unconscious level where every memory, emotion and perception is stored.

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Specialising  in modalities designed to reach the unconscious mind, I assist individuals who are searching for performance enhancement in both health and business utilising hypnosis techniques. Hypnotherapy and counselling combined provide an effective method to support individuals towards positive mental health and outcomes.

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The Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind has one particular function and that is to keep you alive…emotionally, physically and spiritually. Its primary function is to keep you alive and protect you although it sometimes responds in ways that make little sense. The unconscious mind believes that you need your symptoms because if you didn’t have them something worse might happen.

Based on this premise this is where medical hypnoanalysis can be very effective to resolve these unconscious symptoms. It is called medical hypnoanalysis because it takes on the medical model.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a name to describe a stage of consciousness where the conscious mind is in neutral and the subconscious mind is in control. For example, when driving in your car, have you ever gone through a set of traffic lights and wondered if the light was red or green, you don’t consciously remember going through the lights at all? This is referred to as being in a hypnotic state, your subconscious mind takes control while our conscious mind is anywhere but not focussed on driving the car and you can feel hypnotic.