A Bit About Me

I knew or had a recognition from an early age, approximately 7 years of age that life is not as it seems. I could see spirit and was not in fear of them. Growing up, my background did not allow me to delve into this further and was taught or conditioned to ignore that side of spirituality. Nevertheless I had an intuitive notion that I could never de-condition myself into the conditioned world.  I asked lots of questions. I researched as at the time I thought we were all the different. I came to realise that we are all the same….we are one, but we are also a product of our conditioning and our environment. I do believe now that I chose to be in this body to experience the life I wanted … to grow and learn life lessons in order to enlighten and know my true Self. It is an enlightening moment to recognise that I am the creator of this life experience. I also realised that I am so grateful I was given a gift by the Divine and a purpose to this lifetime to empower and awaken others, making them aware of their special gifts, discover their life purpose, find love love joy and abundance in their everyday existence.

I started my work life in the corporate banking field, thinking that was what my parrents would like me to be, a professional.  I strived to make others happy.  But I realised that all my parents wanted me to be was just happy.

I then decided to travel and invest in myself (almost $100k) and over the last 20 plus years traveled extensively read many books Chris Howard, attended may personal development courses with gurus such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Paul Mckenna, Bob Proctor, Doreen Virtue, Sue Nicholson, Gordon Smith, Alberto Villoldo, met the Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Amma and manymore.

This journey lead me to believe that searching for answers in external sources wasn’t the answer I was looking for.   Instead, I need to look inwards, as we all have the answers we need within ourselves.

My qualifications encompass various mind/body spirit modalities to include: Reiki Master teacher healer/ Life coaching/ Lifeline counsellor/ clinical hypnotherapist. neuro linguistic program (NLP) practitioner, Soul Power Kinesiologist, Yoga/Pilates/ Tai chi teacher/ Meditation facilitator, Retreat Leader, Natural therapist (massage, reflexologist, nutrition), LOA practitioner, Nutrition advisor/ First Light Flower essence practitioner and many more spiritual and natural modalities.

I come from a place of genuine authenticity as Iit is my life experiences and how I have delat with the challenges that has bought me to this space now using all the tools above to help me grow and learn and move forward to a more fulfilling and rewarding life. I
My desire is to provide an integrative approach to my life coaching using all the various tools/ modalities tailor made to suit you Unique self. I am passionate about helping you to live the life of your dreams – becoming conscious and aware yf you natural gifts that you were born with and coming home to your Self. 
  • Are you ready to transform your life?
  • Re-wire your beliefs and align to your Soul purpose?
  • Shift your perspective to past experiences?
  • Ascend to higher levels of vibration?
  • Live the life of your dreams and move forward with unwavering faith?
  • Life is full of endless potential. Be the change that you wish to see

18 Year